Who are we?

Parlem is the telecommunications operator born in Catalonia which offers comprehensive mobile, internet, landline and television services and aspires to provide service to its customers in any corner of the world to both individuals and companies.


To create the first major Catalan telecommunications group

At Parlem, we believe that the fundamental factor is customer service: proximity, so you can talk to people who listen to it in your language or interact with digital services, with maximum coverage, flexible packages and at good prices.

Founded in July 2014, Parlem began by offering mobile phone services in December of the same year, using the Orange mobile network, since according to Spanish legislation only four companies are licensed for a mobile network.

At the end of 2015 the company began to offer internet services over ADSL via an agreement with Jazztel. In 2017 an agreement was reached with some local fibre optics operators to offer Internet access to 100,000 homes in Catalonia. In January 2018 it incorporated the MasMóvil fibre optics network, initially with a million households available.
The growth of the network and agreements with several operators allowed Parlem to offer in mid-2018 Internet access to 3.5 million homes and businesses in Catalonia. Parlem offers mobile phone coverage and roaming around the world, as well as fibre optics and ADSL access. In 2019 it expanded its range of products with the launch of services of audiovisual content, thanks to the agreement with Agile TV.

Telecommunication services need a network of transmission and access, landlines and mobile that the operators rent between them. The network is therefore not the key differentiator since all operators share both fixed and mobile networks with similar coverage to the entire country.


Comprehensive services, development and leadership

Offer comprehensive telecommunications services in Catalonia, from Catalonia and in Catalan. Read our Regulations.

to develop industry and employment in the telecommunications sector in Catalonia.

Achieve in a decade leadership in the market share of general telecommunication services in Catalonia and to overtake the Spanish and international companies that operate in it.