Fibre Optics 100Mbps + Landline + LANDLINE IP + Switchboard

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    SYMMETRICAL 100 Mbps FIBRE OPTICS with free Wi-Fi router.
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    Unlimited landline to landline and landline to mobile calls.
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    Includes FIXED IP and switchboard
You can enjoy our plan for only €98,72/month (VAT not included) for 12 months if you get it before 28/02/2021. After the promotion, the price will be €106,99/month (VAT not included).

(VAT not included)

€ 106.99 after the 12-month promotion

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Want more LANDLINE minutes?

Add unlimited calls to national mobiles for only €3/month.


  • The Wi-Fi router is free of charge during the service. Once you cancel it, you
  • CONTRACT DURATION of 12 months. If you cancel before, you must pay the non-compliance penalty.

Shipping cost is €12.10. Speed and offer available depending on the coverage of your home. Please check your coverage in advance.

Click HERE and see the specific rate conditions for companies.