Particular conditions mobile only


a) Monthly subscriptions that are renewed on the 1st of each month and the amount of the previous month is charged directly to the customer's bank account.

b) The invoice shows the cost of the specific rate plus the increase, if any, generated by calls or browsing outside the season tickets.


a) Limites Rate: payment of calls to national landlines and mobiles for 200 minutes. After 200 minutes, it is priced as a Zero rate.

b) Rate limited minutes (Out of rate): Call establishment of 18.15 cents. The first 3 minutes are billed at 0 cents /min. From the 4th minute it is priced at 6 cents /min (voice over).

c) Voice override: Activates after the minutes included in the voice subscription. Cost: 6 cents /min + 18.15 cents. of new call establishment.

d) Unlimited rates (WE WANT): Unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles, with call set-up included.

e) Use of voice service for telephone conversations only and not for other uses such as walkie talkies or the like. The SIM can only be used on mobile devices; it is prohibited in switchboards, SIM-boxes, telephone booths or other elements of telephone traffic concentration in which mass calls are made or for data traffic management services. In the case of making these types of use, calls will be billed at 10 cents /min and 20 cents. call setup.


a) Navigation based on Gigabytes contracted at maximum speed according to coverage (GPRS, 3G, 3G + and 4G).

b) For mobile data setup, see

c) Data overflow: At the end of the data subscription, the browsing speed will drop to 16 Kbps.

d) Consumption notice: When consuming 80% and 100% of the data subscription, the customer will receive the notice via SMS. This SMS can be delivered late, as it will not be issued until the end of the consumption session performed by the customer.


a) SMS: 9.68 cents /SMS to national destinations and 30.25 cents /SMS to international destinations.

b) SMS Premium: This service is not available.

c) MMS: 48.40 cents. regardless of the volume of data (Kbps).

d) Roaming: To activate the roaming service you must do so from the APP. It is recommended to do this before traveling, as it may take a few hours to activate see

e) Special numbers: Calls to special charging services (901, 902, 70X, etc.) and short numbering are excluded (see

f) International calls: See

g) Special pricing services: See


a) Registration fees: The cost of the SIM is free if contracted through the website. They only apply for sending the SIM card by messaging. You can see the detail at

b) Penalties: No permanence associated with the release of mobile only.

Parlem reserves the right to make a modification of the prices with a minimum notice of one month. In case the customer does not agreed to this increase, you could request the end of the service without penalty
The price for individuals has IVA included
The price for companies has not VAT included