Fibre Optics 1000Mbps + Mobile GB & calls Unlimited* + Landline

  • icone cercle groc wifi
    FIBER 1000 Mbps with free Wi-Fi router.
  • icone cerce groc mobil
    MOBILE: CALLS and GB UNLIMITED* included to national landlines and mobiles, with call establishment included.
  • FREE LANDLINE with UNLIMITED calls to national landlines and 60 minutes to national mobiles.
  • icone cerce groc mobil
    Additional 25Gb first line + free unlimited calls for 5 months (then € 20).
  • icone cerce groc mobil
    Second additional 3Gb line and FREE unlimited calls
  • icone cercle groc tv
    Add Agile TV and Rakuten TV for 6€/month more.
59 '95 €

(VAT included)

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5GB + UN. calls for 6.00€
25GB + UN. calls for 10.00€
60GB + UN. calls for 18.00€
Unlimited data and calls for 20.00€

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Have you used all the GB of your rate and the month is still not over?

Purchase extension subscriptions of  1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB via the app and the customer area of the website.


  • Promotion valid for new registrations and portability, contracting before 31/05/2022
  • *Surf 100 GB at maximum speed, once you exceed 100 GB surf speed will drop to 16 Kbps. Consult use policies.
  • UNLIMITED CALLS included to national landlines and mobiles, with call establishment included. Calls to special pricing and short numbering services are excluded. See details in the particular conditions.
  • TRY US FOR 3 MONTHS AND IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED LEAVE WITHOUT COMMITMENT. If you unsubscribe first, you will have to pay the penalty for non-compliance.
  • The Wi-Fi router is free of charge during the service. Once you cancel it, you

Visit to see all details.
Speed and offer available depending on your home coverage. Please verify your coverage.

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