Our regulations


You come first

You are the centre of our operations. We have designed our business model knowing that you are the raison d'être of our company. Therefore, if you let us, we will teach you.


We speak to you clearly and in Catalan

We will tell you the reason for our actions, prices, products and campaigns in a direct and understandable way. We will not try to trick you or sell you something that is not what you paid for.


We serve you everywhere

We use our own or rented Fibre Optics and ADSL networks to provide service everywhere with the best value for money and the best customer service.


We won't complicate your life

And if you never want to leave, we'll make it easy for you. We will not offer you anything that we could not have offered you before. However, we’ll feel bad about it all the same.


Always at your fingertips

So you can sign up, see your consumption in real time, check your bills, select new products and unsubscribe whenever you want. And if you need to talk to us or see us, people like you who talk like you and live near you will take care of you. We won't drive you crazy moving from one operator to another repeating the same story.


Everything stays local

Our customers, our suppliers and our collaborators are mostly from our country: they are people who make their living here.


We do not relax

As soon as we improve a price or a product we will offer it to our customers so that they always enjoy the best conditions. In addition, a customer can change the rate at any time!


You are free

At Parlem we offer you everything you need at any moment, that's why you're free to change your tariff whenever you desire.


We innovate wisely

We innovate to add tangible value to your daily life.


Parlem is everyone's business

We will build Parlem with everyone and, therefore, we will ask for your opinion and we will implement what you ask of us within our possibilities and always with common sense.
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